Monday, April 23, 2012

Which online dating network to join and why

Everyday more and more single men and women are joining online dating networks to find a casual or long term relationship. The trend is catching up all over the globe and the number of online dating profiles just keeps on growing.

In today’s globally well connected world, borders are not being considered by singles who are open to explore their chances beyond their national limits. Dating networks with available singles from all over the world are growing. Although some ethnic based dating sites are doing great too but dating networks which allow users to determine their own ethnic, religious or other preferences are getting noticed the most.

So now that you have decided to join a dating network (I’m guessing since you are reading this article), the question arises, which one and why? As a writer and an active researcher of dating networks, I’ve come across a fairly new platform that focuses a lot on member interaction and it is FREE! The best feature of Katoto is its own platform currency which, very appropriately, is ‘hearts’. You can use hearts to feature your profile, send awesome icebreaker gifts, send and receive unlimited messages. On top of that, instead of the usual icebreakers (which they also have), one can send a smile to anyone if they like what they see on the person’s profile.

Another difference is that developers of this fine dating network actually listen! One day you suggest a feature or request something to be added and if it enhances your experience, voila! It’s done. I’m sick and tired of those big names in the industry which leave you high and dry.

Last but not least, Katoto is developing its own singles database which means that those you find here are genuine singles as opposed to what you find on those too big to fail dating sites and get this, big names sell your profile without you even knowing! I found my profile on a dating network that I never signed up for. They had my user name, my password and all my pics with a detailed profile. Digging further into the matter, I found out that my profile was among the thousands of others that they ‘paid for’ to the network I was using. Well if that isn’t a privacy issue, not sure what is! For now, I’m banking on for safe and secure browsing without allowing them to sell my dating profile. Hope you’ve received some helpful pointers. Your comments are appreciated.


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