Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Smile?

For those who feel shy or are not used to approaching others on dating site and would want to the person they are interested in to initiate the conversation, Katoto has introduced a smile feature. Just send a smile with a click of a button and watch the magic unfold.

 Whenever you visit a profile on Katoto, send a smile because:

1. A Smile makes you even more attractive.
People who like to smile make people around them feel comfortable and happy and those who make it a habit end up have more friends.

2. A Smile changes our feelings.
If you are sad, smile at someone. It will would make you feel much better.

3. Smile is contagious.
When a person smiles, they will make the atmosphere more cheerful. People you smile at will surely smile back at you!

4. A smile makes people think positive about you.
Try to do this one: Ask someone to think of a bad thing while you are smiling at them. It's next to impossible. It's because, when you smile at someone, you send out a signal saying “life is good.” Your smile often is accepted as a gift.

Keep smiling through out this week and feel positivity overcome everything else around you.

Have a great week FULL OF SMILES :D

1 comment:

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